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Create a Kitchen Style Spot
Create a Kitchen Style Spot

Kitchens are the most functional and quite often the most utilised room in the home and now during lockdown, with so much time at home we are using them even more. So what a great opportunity to show your kitchen some love and give it a whole new style makeover?

I have always been a huge fan of the homely traditional farmhouse kitchen aesthetic, but nowadays this seems to have moved on and we are able to incorporate all types of homeware styles into our kitchen look and make it our own cosy welcoming space, while being a reflection of our style tastes and personality. I love that you can get away with all kinds of things in kitchens that you may not to display in other areas of your home. I am thinking quirky art on the walls, signs, cool cushions on your kitchen chairs - that kind of thing that injects life and you into the space and tells a story about your family.

Use a windowsill, a display shelf, a small section of the work surface or the kitchen table to create your style spots and don't forget the walls, which will probably be your biggest canvas to curate a display. You can keep the things that you choose to incorporate to a limited colour palette or style or go all out with a cool mismatched colourful display, whatever makes you happy and works for you - there really should be no rules, it's your home so go for it!

Some of the ideas that I have used in my own kitchen are:

1. On a narrow wall I have hung a collection of matching frames in different sizes with much loved photos and postcards from our trip to Norway in 2018.

2. We have space for an occasional chair, which feels like a vintage piece from Ikea (if thats even a thing!) a much loved Poang Chair circa late 90's. This has our 'Reserved for the Dog' cushion on as our first Cocker Spaniel, was very fond of having a snooze on it!

3. Our windowsills are styled with a collection of family photos, vases and jugs and some succulents, real plants and a couple of faux plants, which all seem to work well together. The colour palette I have used is broadly neutrals, combining white, greys, taupes and green. The kitchen is painted in Little Greene French Grey, so this works really well and the green of the plants links to the garden outside. We have antique brass light fittings and kitchen door handles so some of the frames match these and that adds warmth to the space.

4. I am also a huge fan of displaying pieces of childrens art, in frames or as part of a shelf/window display. This changes all of the time though to keep it looking fresh. 

5. Cookery books (I am not really a cook and most definitely not a baker!) however I love looking at cookery books and who knows one day I may get the urge to have a go! But in the meantime they look lovely displayed in the kitchen and can be used as in the photo above to create different heights in your display, which adds interest and also they may inspire your colour palette.

I think the overall message should be have fun with decorative styling in your kitchen and do what makes you happy. There is no better time or opportunity than our current situation to take a bit of time to enjoy styling/restyling your home and why not start with the kitchen, as you are probably spending loads of time in it anyway.  

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