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Interior Decoration Tips
Create a Kitchen Style Spot
Posted By Fran, 23 May 2020
Kitchens are the most functional and quite often the most utilised room in the home and now during lockdown, with so much time at home we are using them even more. So what a great opportunity to show your kitchen some love and give it a whole new style makeover?I have always..
Posted By Fran, 11 February 2020
At FBH we have always believed in filling your home with things that you love and make you happy. I believe that the perfect home decor brings together a collection of treaured things, that may include heirlooms, charity shop and car boot finds, holiday and life momenttos..
Make A Statement...
Posted By Fran, 25 April 2019
Statement pieces are a great way to take your home from 'very nice' to 'Wow'! They are the final touches that you add to a room, that define the space as yours and give it its personality. A statement piece could be an unusual light, a fabulous piece of..
Say yes to Faux Plants!
Posted By Fran, 14 March 2019
We all know that the trend for having plants and greenery throughout your home has had a massive resurgence over the past year or so, but it does lead us to ask who has the time to potter around their home watering and tending to an array of different plants needs?..
Country Kitchen...
Posted By Fran, 08 February 2018
There is nothing more homely or inviting than a beautiful, warm and welcoming kitchen and now more than ever kitchens are becoming the hub of our homes and the room we gather together in for precious family time. At FBH we believe any kitchen can convey that lovely feeling..
Warming Winter Candlelight
Posted By Fran, 08 February 2018
Well Winter is officially here and I must confess that I do rather love snuggling up on dark Winter nights in a toasty throw with a hot chocolate and surrrounded by cosy candlelight. Candlelight offers the most beautiful warming light in a room, that cannot..
Magical outdoor lighting...
Posted By Fran, 07 June 2017
A sprinkle of light adds a magical touch to an outdoor spaces at dusk and we love combining fairy lights with candlelight to create a really lovely ambience.  Our new hanging jars are perfect for hanging in trees or pergolas, lit with tealights, which sparkle beautifully..
Vintage Treasures...
Posted By Fran, 24 April 2017
I've always had a love for vintage treasures, whether handed down through the family along with a story to tell, accompanied by a whole host of wonderful childhood memories or stumbled upon at a flea market, where you can make their own story up, I strongly believe..
Spring Blues
Posted By Fran, 09 February 2017
With snow on the horizon for the weekend, there probably isn't a better time to be looking forward to lovely Spring days (although I must confess, I am partial to a touch of snow!) And with that in mind I would like to introduce our Beautiful Blues collection. Blue..
Display your Treasures...
Posted By Fran, 01 October 2016
One of the most important things in life is keeping things that are precious to us safe, and in terms of our home, these are probably the little things that we have collected or been given over the years, that remind us of a special person or place close to our hearts...
Flowers, Flowers Everywhere...
Posted By Fran, 13 June 2016
I love this time of the year when we are lucky enough to have an abundance of beautiful flowers appearing in our garden. It is such a luxury to be able to bring a few blooms indoors too, like these gorgeous Roses and Peonies, which we have just rescued from a downpour of..
Fresh Spring Green...
Posted By Fran, 27 April 2016
We are currently loving this beautiful shade of Green, which is just perfect to add a dash of zest and the freshness of Spring into your home. Green works well with most colour schemes, either as one of the main shades in a room or just to add a 'pop' of colour..
It's all about Pink...
Posted By Fran, 27 April 2016
It feels like Spring is in the air and with a promise of sunshine later in the week, it's time to think about introducing beautiful Spring colours into our homes.  We are loving the new soft pink palette, but especially so when combined with aqua blues and a touch..
Posted By Fran, 27 April 2016
We all have heard of or indeed love taking a 'selfie', but for us who love our Interiors, then why not create a lovely 'Shelfie' instead? At FBH, we are all about offering a lovely eccletic mix of products, which look great on their own, but can also be..
Metallics Inspiration...
Posted By Fran, 27 April 2016
Celebrating the delectable trend for Metallics in homeware, we have put together this snapshot moodboard. It combines antique and champagne golds with distressed and antique silver tones to show how they can look beautiful together and have so much more impact, than staying..
Christmas Lanterns...
Posted By Fran, 14 December 2015
There is nothing more magical than candlelight at Christmas, to add that final touch of sparkle to your home.  We love to display candles in lanterns, where the light can bounce off the glass and look even more effective, as well as being safer as the candle is contained..
Glamour and Decadence
Posted By Fran, 28 October 2015
Here at FBH we love a touch of Glamour, so what could be better than the new 'Decadence' trend in Interiors.  It is all about more is more! Think sumptuous velvet throws, jewel colours, polished wood with high shine metals and decorative pieces. These may be..
Vintage Nautical...
Posted By Fran, 31 July 2015
Taking its inspiration from all things coastal, 'Nautical' is a timeless style in Interior Design, which recurs year after year.  It works so well in the home because it is comforting and reminds us of long Summer days and hours spent on the beach, getting..
Totally Tropical...
Posted By Fran, 09 June 2015
Why not make your Summer holiday come early by introducing a touch of the new Exotic Tropical Trend in home interiors into your home?  Think vivid shades of greens and blues, combined with lovely leaf prints and a quintessential pineapple or two in the case of our..
Tactile Textures
Posted By Fran, 09 February 2015
Colour and texture are the two things that can really make a space come to life and texture is one of the quickest and easiest things to introduce into a room whether it be with ceramics, cushions, photo frames or with gorgeous throws.  I don't believe that you..
Autumn Florals!
Posted By Fran, 09 September 2014
Here at FBH we just love the new 'All things Floral' trend, which has been huge in fashion this summer and has now been given a dark and moody vibe to take us into Autumn/Winter 2014.  Trends that start in fashion very quickly move into Homeware, so expect..
Chic Nautical...
Posted By Fran, 09 June 2014
Bring the ambience of the seaside into your home with some Nautical inspired pieces, we love this fabulous blue 'Voyage Bottle' by Parlane.  Blues are very much on trend for the Summer and particularly this lovely deep sea blue.  Combine with sandy shades..
Let Materials Shine...
Posted By Fran, 05 May 2014
Think about mixing up materials when you create displays around our home.  This will really add impact to a windowsill or shelf, as each pieces characteristics of material and colour will allow anothers to 'shine'.  Here by putting the metal jug by a ceramic..
Vintage Inspiration
Posted By Fran, 27 March 2014
We absolutely love the trend for all things Vintage that is currently huge in Interiors.  It's such a great look for combining what you already have in your home with what you have inherited and any fabulous new finds that you just cannot resist!  It you want..
Playing with Scale!
Posted By Fran, 31 January 2014
One of the key trends in Interior Design at the moment is focusing on scale and how you can use objects of different scales to really create a 'wow' factor in a room.  By using oversize objects for example a lantern, oversize lampshade or chair perhaps, you..
Autumn Glamour!
Posted By Fran, 24 September 2013
Arguably the prettiest trend for interiors for Autumn/Winter 2013 is 'Gorgeous Glamour'.  The look comprises of beautifully decadent pieces which are highly detailed and given a stylish sparkly finish.  The colour palette is a luxurious mix of champagne..
Going Nautical!
Posted By Fran, 12 June 2013
Why not introduce a hint of the seaside to your home with some nautically inspired pieces?  Our Nautical range has a feeling of 'The Hampton's' about it, being based around a super stylish navy blue and off- white palette.  All of the products we have..
Spring has Sprung!
Posted By Fran, 06 March 2013
Spring has Sprung! finally it seems, if the beautiful sunshine of the last couple of days is anything to go by and the fact that the temperature is finally creeping up!  So with this new season comes our perennial desire to spring clean and tidy our lovely homes.We..
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